Alcohol and Drug Education

These classes focus on preventing relapse and the cause/effect of alcohol and drugs. From the personal effect it can have on ones body and mind to the effects it can pose on the inflicted family and community.  

Offender education Programs

Programs are state certified by the Texas Department of State Health Services. Programs include DWI basic education, DWI repeat offender education, Drug offender education (DOEP). 

Anger control 

Managing beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Classes are designed to motivate a positive change. 


Psycho-social and request for wavier from Immigration.

Domestic Violence prevention 

Battering Intervention Prevention Programs (BIPP). Separate groups for men and woman to help them see the problems of domestic violence. 

Theft intervention and Prevention

(TIP) Theft Intervention and Prevention. Intended to prevent future theft and create a better way of thinking. 

Parenting skills

These classes include high conflict parenting and child in the middle.
Caring dads - parenting skills classes. 

Thinking for change

National institute of Corrections. 

Life Skill classes

Classes offering help steer troubled minds to better life decisions. Finding better starts and even greater ending.